Injured At Work

Accident at Work. NOT2Blame can assist you if you have been injured at work due to an accident in the workplace. This could be as a result of faulty equipment or insufficient/non training or a failure in Health and Safety Regulations. It may be that your injury at work is a result of continual exposure to incorrect working procedures. You have 3 years from the time that the injury occurred, or the disability is diagnosed, to pursue your right to claim. If you are still employed with the employer, don't be afraid of claiming. Your employer will be insured against you pursuing such a claim for which you are legally entitled to do. Your employer has a duty of care to protect you during your employment. With all Accidents at work claims, you need to make sure that the accident book was correctly filled in.

Accident at Work. These include being given incorrect tools for a job, tripping over discarded material on the workplace floor, having to use faulty machinery, lack of training to carry out your job safely. This includes manually lifting or handling training. There can be occassions when you are not issued with protective gloves or equipment that can lead to servere accidents which can lead to the loss of fingers and limbs. Accident at work injuries can possibly lead to financial problems down the line as you may not be able to continue doing the job that you were employed to do. In these cases, making a claim for compensation due to an accident at work would ease these problems and also lead to you getting the best possible treatment to enable you to make a full recovery.

No Win No Fee

All our claims are run on a No Win No Fee basis. Our National specialist Personal Injury Team is made up of highly skilled solicitors and lawyers dedicated to providing you with the very best level of service in a friendly and efficient way. At NOT2Blame, we guarantee you the maximum compensation. Even if you think there may be some doubt to your claim, simply give us a call on our Freephone Claim Assessment line or use our call back feature and let us give you no nonsense, risk free impartial advice. If you place your trust in us, we are confident that we will get you what you deserve... COMPENSATION!

Compensation Calculator

All compensation claims are different. Please look at our Compensation Payouts page. Please remember, when looking at the figures, they are quoted for the most serious of injuries.

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